Google launches 'Digital Wellbeing' apps to help manage life with technology

MANILA, Philippines – Google shared a set of new apps that are meant to help users find balance and order in using mobile phones and technologies in their lives.  

“As technology becomes more and more integral to everything we do, it can sometimes distract us from things that matter most to us,” Google explained. 

Apps such as Morph and Desert Island help you trim the apps that you are using. Desert Island helps you focus by only making available your essential apps, while Morph makes certain apps available depending on your time and location.  

There are also apps that help you get rid of distractions. Post Box helps you avoid notifications that can distract you during important tasks. Instead of receiving notifications real time, you receive them at certain set hours. We Flip on the other hand, allows you to spend more quality time with your friends, by adding all your friends in the app and encouraging everyone to flip the switch in sync and putting down all phones together. 

Finally, an app called Unlock Clock counts the number of times you unlock your phone in a day so you get a better idea of how you use your phone. 

Currently, the apps only work on “recent Android headsets.” 

On top of the apps shared, Google also released toolkits to help developers create their own apps or experiments that are aimed to achieve similar goals. –