Instagram reveals Hyperlapse timelapse video app

MANILA, Philippines –  Instagram announced Wednesday, August 27 (August 26 in the US), that it has a new app available for hyperlapse photography: the aptly anmed “Hyperlapse from Instagram.”

Hyperlapse is the term given to timelapse imagery with camera movement. Generally this will result in a shaky footage or overly warped, depending on the degree of software stabilization used. Good hyperlapses can be done but at a high cost. 

Microsoft Research is also working on improving Hyperlapse technology, aspiring to create an app for casual users to enjoy.

Hyperlapse from Instagram gives users the capability to create the same cinematic timelapses without the need of expensive rigs. It does the same thing – shortening and stabilizing a video and letting users immediately share it to the world.

The app uses a built-in stabilization technology that cleanly renders handheld shake making it possible to do a 360-matrix style video of your current lunch.

Unlike Instagram, Hyperlapse goes directly to the device’s camera to record video. Video length depends on how much free space you have on your device. Tap once to begin recording and tap again to stop. You can then choose the playback speed of up to 12x before saving it into your camera roll for sharing later.

See the video below for a before and after comparison of the Hyperlapse:

One apparent issue with the app is that auto-exposure will be disabled once recording starts. If your trip consists of tunnels or a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities, you might want to rethink that because it will be either over or underexposed, depending on the camera’s reading of the first scene.

Hyperlapse from Instagram currently only works with iOS7 and up and is not available for Android users. It is now available in Apple’s App Store for free. –