PH remains top in social media, internet usage worldwide – report

Advertising firms We Are Social and Hootsuite on Tuesday, January 27, released their annual report, which gives insights into global social media usage and digital trends for the past year. 

The Philippines tops the world again for time spent using social media this year, making it the 6th straight year it has done so. According to the report, Filipinos spend an average of 4 hours and 15 minutes each day on social media, which is 22 minutes higher than last year's average of 3 hours and 53 minutes, and 3 minutes higher than 2019’s average of 4 hours and 12 minutes. 

It’s also 30 minutes higher than this year’s second-placer, Colombia, which has an average of 3 hours and 45 minutes. 

The global average for social media usage is 2 hours and 25 minutes, with Japan taking the last spot in the rankings, recording an average of 51 minutes. 

The Philippines is also again the highest in internet usage, clocking in close to 11 hours per day at 10 hours and 56 minutes. Brazil comes in at second, with an average of 10 hours and 8 minutes, and Colombia at third, with an average of 10 hours and 7 minutes. 

The global average for internet usage is 6 hours and 54 minutes. 

What saw growth among Filipinos this year is e-commerce adoption, with it reaching 80.2% of internet users aged 16 to 64 from last year’s 76%. This year’s number puts the Philippines above the global average of 76.8%, like last year when the global average was 74%. In 2019, the figure was 70%, which was below the global average of 75%.

This aligns with the rise of e-commerce seen across the world, which is attributed to how the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay indoors. When it comes to what people are buying online, food & personal care was reportedly the fastest growing consumer category last year.

The report also adds that 57.2% of Filipinos say they’re concerned about misinformation and “fake news” when searching for news online, which is just a rank above the global average of 56.4%. 

As for the misuse of personal information, 38.2% of Filipinos say they’re worried about how companies will use the data they put online, which is also above the global average of 33.1%. –

(*Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article said that 2020's e-commerce adoption rate for the Philippines was 70%, and that 2020's social media use in the Philippines averaged at 4 hours and 12 minutes. The correct figures are 76%, and 3 hours and 53 minutes, respectively.)