Images of alleged upsized iPhone X emerge online

MANILA, Philippines - With numerous rumors being tossed around in the past couple of months, it was only a matter of time before we got our first glimpse at Apple’s latest wave of handsets.

Thanks to renowned leaker, Benjamin Geskin, we now have our first look at what the rumored iPhone devices will possibly look like. Geskin, over the weekend, published on Twitter a set of images containing what he claims are dummy units for the upsized iPhone X, unofficially referred to as the iPhone X Plus, and the 6.1-inch LCD display iPhone. (READ: Blue, orange, and red iPhones may be coming – report

2018 iPhone X Plus (6.5-inch) and iPhone (6.1-inch) Dummy Models. — Ben Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) July 29, 2018

Dummy units are used to replicate the model’s design including all its external features to help test peripherals such as cases and holders. Geskin followed them up a few days later with another photo:

This Is Apple's Next iPhone — Ben Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) July 31, 2018

While only two devices are seen in the leaked images, it seems to confirm and debunk some of the previously reported information about Apple’s upcoming trio of phones.

First off, the 6.5-inch upsized iPhone only has a dual-camera setup for its rear, contrary to recent rumors that hinted it being a triple-lens unit. At a glance, it doesn’t seem like Apple changed much in terms of the design as it looks similar to its predecessor, the iPhone X.

Meanwhile, the 6.1-inch model appears to be flaunting an LCD screen which confirms current online expectations. It also has slightly thinner bezels than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus but larger than that of the iPhone X Plus, pictured beside it.

Apple is expected to officially reveal the two devices and another one we have yet to see in their annual launch event sometime in September. –