Microsoft adds AI features, Reddit partnership to Bing search engine

MANILA, Philippines – Microsoft announced Wednesday, December 13 (December 14, Manila time) it was adding some new features to its Bing search engine. These include incorporation of its artificial intelligence (AI) research to provide smarter answers to search queries, as well as a partnership with Reddit.

The AI research aims to provide better nuance to search query answers. The features rolling out today, Microsoft said, include intelligent search, conversational search and intelligent image search.

In terms of adding nuance, one of the advancements they're touting is a new capability to find multiple viewpoints on a search query.

For instance, asking Bing, "Is cholesterol bad?" brings up different perspectives – so you can apply the searched information depending on your particular situation – rather than a black and white answer.

"We want to be able to find the answers and the results that are the most comprehensive, the most relevant and the most trustworthy," Microsoft corporate vice president for AI products Jordi Ribas said.

“Often people are seeking answers that go beyond something that is a mathematical equation. We want to be able to frame those opinions and articulate them in a way that’s also balanced and objective," Ribas added.

Along with AI improvements comes a partnership with Reddit to integrate content from crowdsourced Ask Me Anything sessions (AMAs) and other posts from Reddit communities within Bing search results.

While Reddit can help Bing provide detailed answers to specialized questions, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian meanwhile said Microsoft complements Reddit with its ability to quantify and analyze the Reddit dataset to deliver useful information through search results on Bing.

Speaking of the power of Bing and Reddit, he said, "We can actually handle complicated, nuanced questions." –

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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