Nearly $340,000 worth of MSI's RTX 3090 GPUs stolen in China

Around 40 cargo boxes with NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphics cards were stolen from an MSI factory in China on Monday, December 7.

Tom's Hardware – citing tweets by @GoFlying8 – said it was unclear how many graphics cards were taken, though estimates suggest about 2,200,000 yuan (about $336,500) worth of cards were stolen, or about 200 to 220 units, based on median prices presently available for a card.

MSI is offering a 100,000 yuan ($15,300) reward for information that can lead to recovery of the stolen goods. 

MSI believes the theft was an inside job, and is offering clemency for any participant who offers to help them track down the stolen goods. –

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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