Night Terrors could be the horror Pokemon Go – if it releases

MANILA, Philippines – The still-in-development app Night Terrors, as the name implies, is a horror title. But unlike other horror videogames, such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, or Fatal Frame, the game Night Terrors has one interesting kink that's very relevant to Pokemon Go players right now: it's also an augmented reality title.

Like Pokemon Go, the game combines real-life environs with elements from a virtual world. In its case, scary virtual elements.

Watch a sample of how the system works in one of the game's official trailers:

The game's trailer certainly promises the mood expected from such a title. Seeing one's environs transformed into a veritable haunted house offers thrills unique from the usual gaming experience of plopping down on a couch and controlling an avatar onscreen.

When can gamers try it out for themselves? Developers Novum Analytics mention in a post on their Facebook page that the game will be out in Halloween. 

In the same post, they note the development process hasn't been that easy. They say this stretch of the development cycle, the lead-up to the release, will be  "one of the tougher times we've faced as a company."

Revealing they've had investment deals fall through in the past year, they're currently regrouping, trying to build up interest for the game again, and hopefully get more hands on board.

The developers also have a teaser of sorts for people who have been awaiting the game: Night Terrors: The Beginning. It's a demo, a sampling of the augmented reality technologies they've developed so far – and for the developers, a way to get a revenue stream going. The demo will be released in the App Store for $0.99 (P46.04) also at a yet-to-be-specified release date.

The developers added the revenue from the demo will allow them "to bring on more developers to help with the Halloween release" – as opposed to just releasing another trailer, the last of which was released in January 2016:

The game is currently slated for release on the iOS. Android and Windows Phone versions will follow according to the game's campaign page on crowdfunding site–

US$1 = P46.5

Gelo Gonzales

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