Watch OPPO's Innovation Event 2019 here

BARCELONA, Spain – OPPO will be showing off their new 10x optical zoom camera system at their pre-Mobile World Congress 2019 event happening on Saturday, February 23, 9 pm, Philippine time. Mobile World Congress is the world's largest annual conference on wireless technology, happening February 25 to 28 this year.

OPPO's new zoom system is a triple-camera setup using a wide, standard, and tele lenses that allow for 10x zooming optically on mobile devices. As opposed to digital zooming, optical zooming allows for no quality loss in spite of zooming in. 

Currently, no commercial smartphone have such a capability, with one difficulty being that it's hard to fit in a traditional optical zooming system within the small frame of a smartphone. A 5x optical zooming system was also announced by OPPO in 2017 but the technology wasn't adopted in commercial devices. The 10x zoom builds upon the technology.

In addition to the camera technologies, OPPO also introduced SuperVOOC charging technology in 2016, which was able to charge a 2,500 mAh battery in 15 minutes. –

Disclosure: The trip to Spain, site of the event, was sponsored by OPPO