Plug-and-play is PlayStation VR's 'biggest advantage' – Sony Deputy President

SINGAPORE – In a brief group interview during Singapore’s GameStart Asia 2015, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) Deputy President Hiroyuki Oda explained how the much awaited Playstation VR can help strengthen and broaden Playstation’s market.

Oda touted that aside from their core gamers, the Playstation VR can attract even casual gamers and non-gamers because of its technology and simplicity.

“There are many people who play casual games like smartphone games and I believe there are hurdles when they think of Playstation gaming, They think it is too complicated, too difficult. But for the PSVR, as you’ve played it, it is easy for those without gaming experience to play with the PSVR,” Oda said.

Oda explained, “Customers can easily plug the PSVR to the PS4 and they immediately can start PSVR gaming, while I suppose our competitors may have some complicated settings required."

"And also our customers do not need a high performance CPU. Just plug in the PSVR, plug in the PS4, that’s it. That’s our biggest advantage,” he elaborated.

PLAYSTATION VR. Photo by Nadine Pacis.

PLAYSTATION VR. Photo by Nadine Pacis.

Oda mentioned that the Playstation VR also has an advantage through the number of developers who want to create games for the platform. Since its initial public demo, the Playstation VR has been well-received by both gamers and developers.

“Many developers, especially indie developers have shown us huge interest. And many of the developers want to create content for the PSVR and that’s very good for us.”

One of the games that Oda mentioned for the Playstation VR is their own Playroom VR which was developed by Japan Studio. (READ: Playroom VR brings the party to Playstation VR)

The game utilizes the PSVR as well as the dual shock controllers to create a social gaming experience for friends and family. Oda believes that the game is a good solution to involve not only the individuals playing the PSVR but also those who are close to them as well.

Aside from the Playstation VR, Oda added that publishing attractive triple-A games and indie titles for the Playstation 4 is still the concrete way to keep the console on top of the console wars in 2016. –