Filipinos top Pornhub's 'most time spent' list again

MANILA, Philippines – Pornhub, the world's biggest porn site, revealed that for the 4th straight year, Filipinos spend the most time on the site in 2017, data released by the site showed.

Filipinos spent 13 minutes and 28 seconds on the average, representing a 43-second increase from the previous year's results, which coincides with the 23-second increase to the global average of 9 minutes and 59 seconds.

The Philippines' average visiting time is higher by around 3 1/2 minutes than the global average. 

Other countries with a higher-than-the-global-average visiting time are South Africa, USA, Canada, Argentina, the United Kingdom, and France, which are ranked 2nd to 7th respectively. 

Data from the report was gathered from around 28.5 billion site visits in 2017, with the site averaging 81 million daily average visits worldwide.

The top traffic sources, ranked in descending order, are the USA, UK, India, Japan, and Canada.

Population size aside, this means that while some countries visit the site for a shorter time, they may also be visiting it more frequently.

Pornhub started publishing data on average time spent by country in 2014.   –

Gelo Gonzales

Gelo Gonzales is Rappler’s technology editor. He covers consumer electronics, social media, emerging tech, and video games.