Rev Major Day 1: The Philippines came prepared

MANILA, Philippines - July 8 and July 9 will go down as one of the most important weekends for the Fighting Game Community (FGC) in the Philippines. More specifically, it will be one of the most important weekends for the Tekken FGC. During these two days, the local community will be given the chance to show their fellow Asia Pacific counterparts just how talented and passionate they are at fighting games like Tekken 7. (LIVE: Rev Major Philippines)

The stakes are high at Rev Major Philippines, as it is the first step for the best players in the Asia Pacific region for the Tekken World Tournament.The first day of Rev Major most certainly did not disappoint.

The event started with a surprise visit from Senator Bam Aquino who wanted to show his support for the community. He even played a round on stage using Law.

LOOK! Sen. Bam plays #Tekken7 at the @revmajorph. #TWT17 #RevMajorPH #esports [TeamBam] — Bam Aquino (@bamaquino) July 8, 2017 

What followed next was round after round of grueling battles from everyone who put their name in the tournament. Some of the names who arrived were definitely heavyweights. Established masters and rising stars around the region like Japan’s Take and Tanukana, and Korea’s okay and Knee, came not only to compete and move forward in the Tekken World Tournament, but to also test the Filipino mettle.

Photo by Jill Debia

We did not disappoint.

The time to train and learn the new Tekken sequel may have been short, but from what we’ve seen so far the PH teams came prepared. PBE.Doujin, PBE.Maru, Legion.Noelittle, Legion.Haji, and others all had stellar performances that got the local community at the edge of their seats.

PH Legion’s Noelittle, defeats Tanukana at #RevMajorPH | @rapplerdotcom — Nadine Pacis (@mnadinepacis) July 8, 2017 

But it’s not just Tekken that’s got the community hyped for Rev Major Philippines. Street Fighter V, Injustice 2, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2, King of Fighters XIV, Super Smash Bros 4 for Wii U, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournaments were also ongoing.

Suffice it to say that there were plenty of reasons to cheer and shout all around the venue on Day 1.

And with all these great games so far, it is most certain that Day 2 will only get more suspenseful and exciting. Day 2 will have the top 16 players battling it out for the chance to move forward in the Tekken World Tournament and the top 4 players of the other tournaments competing for the respective top prizes.

Will we be able to come out on top? -