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Samsung MX-T70 speakers impressions: Good for house parties

Gelo Gonzales
Samsung MX-T70 speakers impressions: Good for house parties

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Get big sound in a big package

It’s a common promise among speakers to have huge sound. Well, the Samsung MX-T70 is literally huge, and the sound that it produces is also absolutely monstrous, able to rock a small house with ease. This one’s a party speaker for those with the real estate to host parties and such. Short of a full setup, this 1500-watt, 20,000-peso audio tower is a relatively portable, user-friendly choice for anyone looking to get the party going at their, well, mansion. 

The T70 also has flashing LED lights, which does help add to the party mood, but it’s really the big sound that’s the star here. The lights, which can be controlled via Samsung’s Giga Party app, add flavor the same way that RGB LED lights on a gaming PC or laptop can get you in a gaming mood. 

Using it is a no-frills approach with its Bluetooth connectivity. It has wired connections too for USB and standard RCA jacks but I wager that most people will just connect to it through the Bluetooth. I suppose it’s good that there are alternatives. There are also two mic jacks and a mixer for the mics that allow you to tweak the levels of the mics. 

The design of the device is monolithic. It’s not loud and fancy but certainly has the presence that matches its big sound. The sound is very bass-heavy which is just the type of sound that party-goers often favor. There’s enough bass that you can truly feel the thump in your body. 

If you’re looking for a sophisticated, nuanced sound though, that’s not what you’ll get out of the T70. It’s a device meant to fill large spaces, and provide ground-shaking energy not one meant to show you the distinct fine notes in a symphony. It’s bass-heavy, compressed in the middle, and does not accommodate a lot of treble. 

Even the control panel is huge. It’s found atop the device with a rubberized finish and big embossed buttons for power, lights, connectivity options, track skipping, volume control, and a big “BASS” button. Above the control panel is the carrying handle. It’s pretty heavy though, and you’ll probably need two people to move it easily. 

In case your neighbors aren’t angry enough yet, you can also connect 10 T70s together for a real mad party situation. 

It’s likely not the kind of speaker you’ll be using everyday, but for what it does as a provider of party audio, it’s good as it’s very easy to use, and it’s got that punchy sound that makes for a lively affair. – 

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