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Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 gaming chair: How is it half a year later?

Kyle Chua
Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 gaming chair: How is it half a year later?


All photos by Kyle Chua/Rappler

How does this premium gaming chair hold up after six months of daily use?

(Disclosure: Secretlab sent the wipes that were used in this second look at the TITAN Evo 2022 gaming chair.)

When a product sets you back a pretty penny, you, of course, expect to get a lot of use out of it. That was the thought I had when I decided to get a Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 gaming chair for myself after previously taking a look at a review unit. And now that I’ve spent about half a year using the chair, I think I’m in a better position to share my thoughts on how it might stand the test of time and if it’s still worth the premium price. 

Overall, I think it holds up remarkably well when compared to other gaming and office chairs I’ve used before. It’s not without its faults, I’ll say that, but for the most part, the longevity and durability of the chair so far help make that steep asking price a little more palatable. 

And I’ve indeed put it through its paces since I got it, sitting for about eight hours almost every day. I love how the cushion and the backrest both have managed to maintain that sweet spot of firmness and softness. It’s as though nothing has changed with the quality of the foam inside, which is impressive. It’s still able to provide enough comfort while supporting my back and posterior. 

The nifty adjustment options continue to function as well as they did after the initial assembly. There’s always just enough tension and resistance in the knobs and levers to ensure that the different mechanisms are securely locked when you sit. However, I did notice that the backrest would sometimes loosen up and recline a tiny bit more than what I adjusted it for. Still, it never felt like I would fall over backwards from the chair, so, at least for now, it’s not an issue I’d be too worried about. 

The only wear-and-tear-related issue I’ve noticed from my unit is the SoftWeave material’s discoloration in some areas. And I do want to note that I’ve never eaten nor drank while sitting on the chair. I’ve also made sure to wipe it down with a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol on a weekly basis. So I don’t know what caused the blue colorway to fade in some areas of the chair. If I were to guess though, maybe the type of alcohol I used was too harsh for the material. Either that or I must have scrubbed too vigorously. 

Secretlab said the chair is best cleaned using their SoftWeave fabric wipes, which are made specifically for the material. The brand sent me two packs of these wipes to try out on my chair. And the wipes themselves are pretty high-quality and contain a generous amount of cleaning solution. They’re great for eliminating those stubborn stains that won’t come off with just water or alcohol. They also help your chair smell close to brand new, with the soapy odor of the solution neuralizing any lasting smells that may have built up over time. 

There’s just one caveat about Secretlab’s wipes that I’d like to underline – they’re very pricey at P1,190 per pack. Each pack comes with 20 pieces of wipes. If you do the math, that equates to about P60 per wipe – not cheap. You can probably use the wipe up to two times if you don’t let it dry up. Even then it’s still relatively expensive when other cleaning materials are likely readily available in your home. 

Perhaps the only advantage to Secretlab’s wipes is that you’re essentially getting a guarantee that both the wipe and the solution are one-hundred percent safe for use on your chair. Again, I already made the mistake of damaging the SoftWeave material by using my own cleaning solutions. So if you want to avoid this, I’d recommend sticking to the brand’s products or experimenting with your own solvents. 

Outside of the aesthetic changes, I couldn’t be happier with my chair. It’s been invaluable in a lot of my gaming sessions, keeping me comfortable for long hours. And from what I can observe right now about the build quality in general, it looks like I could use it for another three years, if not longer, without running into any significant problem. 

Like in my initial review, the only barrier here is the price. At that P30,000 range, it’s quite an investment. There are plenty of ergonomic office chairs that are a little cheaper with almost the same features and adjustment options. The tradeoff though is that they don’t have that “gamer” motif which can dramatically enhance the vibe of your play space. This is something I would consider if you’re deciding on whether to get the chair or not. 

If you do decide to get a Secretlab gaming chair, here’s a tip: take advantage of sales. The brand would slash a few thousand pesos off of the prices of their products every so often. Sometimes even with a discount, prices can still be steep, but they’re at least a little more justifiable now than they are at retail. –

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