Samsung Galaxy S9's price to hover at £739, roughly P54,400 – report

MANILA, Philippines - Just a week ahead of its official launch, an estimate of the price of Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S9 has been revealed by Techradar.

According to the tech site's insiders, the Galaxy S9 should be launching at £739 which roughly converts to P54,400*.

The tech news site initially reported a £100 price hike from the S8’s original £689 launch price. They recently corrected this by confirming that the S9 will only be £50 more expensive instead of £100.

As much as consumers hate price hikes, tt makes sense for Samsung to up the price of the S9, especially after early reports have confirmed that it benefits from a few upgrades and some neat new features.

Apple allegedly pushed the envelope for raising prices when it launched the iPhone X, pushing other flagships to follow suit.

Last year’s 5.8-inch S8 retailed for P39,990 while its larger 6.2-inch counterpart, the S8+ went for P45,990. Those planning to get the Galaxy S9 or the S9+ should expect it to be priced higher than this when it officially launches locally. –

*£1 = 73.59 Philippine peso