Is #APEC2015 worth the sacrifice? Netizens weigh in

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Is #APEC2015 worth the sacrifice? Netizens weigh in
In an online conversation, Twitter users share their thoughts about the ongoing APEC Summit

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines spent years of preparation for its hosting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit this year, the first time since 1996. In our previous hosting, social media was not yet a factor and majority of spectators turned to televisions, radios, and newspapers to get updates on the event. Nearly two decades later, a lot has changed.  (READ: APEC what? An explainer on Manila’s high-profile week)

Now that social media is a huge part of the APEC Summit in Manila, what do netizens think about this global event?

On Tuesday, November 17, Rappler led a Twitter conversation on how netizens assessed the Philippines’ performance in the ongoing summit, and how this affects them as an ordinary Filipino.

Looking at Reach, Rappler’s social media analytics app, #APEC2015 generated almost 340 million impressions during the conversation, which ran from 5 pm to 7 pm. Over 8,000 tweets were recorded from over 5,000 unique Twitter users.

Rappler was the top broadcaster during the duration of the conversation, followed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. His official Twitter account was mentioned over 500 times since his arrival in the Philippines for the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting coincided with the time of the conversation.

Below is the visual representation of the #APEC2015 conversation on Twitter:

Here are some of the tweets garnered from the insightful Twitter discussion:

She was referring to how #APECHottie trended on Twitter during the arrivals of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in the country.

Netizens also tweeted about the reorganizations due to the summit (READ: APEC: Special lanes for whom?):

Commuters were either stuck in heavy traffic for several hours or left with no choice but to walk because of the road closures:

Others also suggested alternative venues for the summit:

While there were complaints about the planning and implementation for the Summit, there were still some who were positive about the effect on the economy, even despite the traffic situation in Metro Manila (READ: Palace: Look at APEC hosting as ‘bayanihan’):

They also pointed out that the Summit has been safe and secure so far. Earlier this week, the country vowed “higher security” for world leaders attending the Summit after a series of bombings and shootings left more than 120 dead in Paris.

What would the netizens like to ask and tell the Summit delegates about the Philippines? Here are some of the responses:

We also asked netizens about the issues they want raised at the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting. Below are some of their replies:

Lastly, netizens also weighed in on the peace situation in the country. If an APEC delegate asks them about the peace situation in the Philippines, how would they respond? Read below:

How about you? What are your thoughts on the ongoing APEC Summit in Manila? Let us know what you think in the comments section or write your own reaction piece on X. –

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