Facebook poll: Is the Philippines better off with China than the US?

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Facebook poll: Is the Philippines better off with China than the US?
We ask our online followers what they think of President Rodrigo Duterte's pivot to China

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte initially announced his “separation” from the United States both in military and economic aspects during the Philippines-China Trade and Investment Forum in Beijing on Thursday, October 20.

A day later, Malacañang advised the public not to interpret Duterte’s controversial remarks, adding that Filipinos should just wait for the President to return home from his state visit to China.

Naturally, however, comments were already flying fast on social media. Some expressed fear and alarm over the President’s decision to “split” from the US, while the President’s supporters came to his defense.

In a Facebook poll started by Rappler on Friday, October 21, we asked our followers whether or not they agree that the Philippines is better off with China than the US. 


Out of more than 5,500 votes as of writing, 65% say that the country is not better off with China. Here are some of the responses from Rappler’s comments section:

While others already have a definite stand on the matter, there are some who have chosen to take the middle ground and wait for further developments:

Duterte, speaking upon his arrival from China early Saturday, October 22, clarified that he did not really mean the Philippines would cut ties with its longest treaty ally.

“It’s not severance of ties. Severance is to cut diplomatic relations. I cannot do that. Why? It’s for the best interests of my country that we maintain that relationship. Why? Because there are many Filipinos in the US, Americans of Filipino ancestry,” the President told reporters in Davao.

What do you think about this issue? Is the Philippines better off with China than the United States? Share your thoughts on X! – Rappler.com

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