Facebook bans graphics-only live polls

Rappler Social Media Team
Facebook bans graphics-only live polls
Facebook pages that violate the policy will see their live broadcasts demoted

MANILA, Philippines – Live polls on Facebook – the ones with a single, static graphic of your poll choices, their corresponding Reactions buttons, and live vote counters – are now banned from the social network.

In an announcement sent to administrators of Facebook Pages who have executed this style of polling, Facebook says they are updating their policies “to prohibit the use of the Facebook Live API to publish only images (e.g., static, animated, or looping images) or to live-stream polls associated with unmoving or ambient broadcasts.” They claim that they have received feedback that such polls “don’t provide a great experience.”

Facebook does, however, still encourage Page administrators to be creative with their Facebook Live executions. Polling with the use of Reactions is still allowed, but they emphasize the need for the live broadcast to contain actual live video and not just images and vote counters. Polling using plain photo posts is also still permitted. 

Pages that violate the policy will see their errant live broadcast posts downranked in people’s Newsfeeds, and will be removed temporarily from the Video tab and Facebook’s video apps for TV. The policy takes effect mid-May 2017. –Rappler.com 

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