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4 Facebook pages for your daily dose of laughter

Bonz Magsambol
4 Facebook pages for your daily dose of laughter
Fill your Facebook news feed with fun stuff by following these pages!

MANILA, Philippines – Are you annoyed by hate messages, narcissistic selfies, and self-serving statuses on your news feed? Why not follow pages that will entertain you?

You cannot dictate what your friends share on their Facebook accounts, but you can do something to make you feel good. (READ: 6 ways to get rid of negativity on social media)

You can fill your newsfeed with fun stuff by following these pages:

1. Jolegend Slaydangal

Jolegend Slaydangal is a parody of actress and fashion icon Jolina Magdangal, who rose to fame in the 90s partly for her colorful fashion sense. Dubbed as the “Queen of Pinoy Pop Culture,” Jolina popularized the use of butterfly clips and corlorful notebooks with her face printed on them.

Who would forget her classic hit song “Chuva Choo Choo”?


Screen grab from Jolegend Slyadangal Facebook page.


To attract subscribers, the page uses the idea of Jolina as a fashion “legend.” The page administrator connects almost every post to how Jolina slayed the 90s.

Here are some of the page’s hilarious posts:

Did you get it?

When notebooks back then were printed with Jolina’s photos.

Who wore the butterfly clips better?

2. Filipino Tweets That Matter (FTTM)

This page posts memes out of contributors’ tweets, which describe “relatable” experiences in 140 characters, along with images of anything under the sun.

Screen grab from Filipino Tweets That Matter Facebook page.

Check out some of FTTM’s posts:

Would rice cake sell more if Bimby’s face is on its packaging? 

Have you done the Michael Jackson’s signature dance move when standing on a moving bus?

If you can’t tell it to your crush directly, why not tell it to his mom?

3. SuperElmer

While other pages post funny memes, SuperElmer’s specialty is posting comics and drawings that surely anyone can relate to.

Screen grab from SuperElmer's Facebook Page.

When you think, “Pimples na lang ang nagmamahal sa’yo.” (Only pimples love you.)

How can moving on be this easy?

…and a positive outlook like this.

4. Read and Laugh

Read and Laugh stands out because its contents are lengthy posts about funny confessions of its readers. Administrators of the page call out submissions from its readers on a specified topic.

If you enjoy reading long posts, this page will not disappoint you. 

Screen grab from Read and Laugh's Facebook page.

Here are some posts from Read and Laugh page:

Do you know any other Facebook pages that post funny contents? Share them with us in the comments below! –

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Bonz Magsambol

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