Twitter employee ‘inadvertently’ deactivates Trump’s account on last day

Paige Occeñola
Twitter employee ‘inadvertently’ deactivates Trump’s account on last day
(UPDATED) President Donald Trump's Twitter account was deactivated for 11 minutes. After it was restored, Trump tweets on other topics.

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” 

For a brief 11 minutes, @realDonaldTrump’s Twitter account displayed that message after a Twitter customer support employee deactivated the account on his last day, according to a statement by Twitter.

Twitter initially released a statement saying the account was “inadvertently deactivated due to human error”.

Later, Twitter said, it was a prank by a departing employee. 

The account was restored and the President was able to send out his tweet regarding his tax-reform plan.

Trump is known for his controversial no-holds-barred approach to the platform. There have been previous calls for Twitter to ban Donald Trump’s account after several users expressed concerns regarding his tweets about North Korea.

Twitter has stood their ground and explained that despite what some users might see as clear violations of Twitter’s terms of use, they also take into consideration ‘”newsworthiness” and whether a Tweet is of public interest’.

The outspoken US president has 41.7 million followers on his personal Twitter account, from which he blasts his most controversial and attention-grabbing comments – often in the form of early morning “tweetstorms.”

The outage ignited speculation over whether the account had been deliberately disabled by Twitter, but when normal service resumed the debate gave way to online mirth.

“Trump’s Twitter deactivated for 11 min, and I suddenly thought I’d jumped back into the real timeline where things aren’t so damned absurd,” tweeted Star Trek actor turned social media personality George Takei.

Trump’s official White House account, @POTUS, which has 20.9 million followers, was apparently not affected by the outage.

After the account was restored Trump did not tweet about the vanishing act, but made several posts on other topics. – with reports from Agence France-Presse/

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