Tulfo brothers go after other media outfits, colleagues

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Tulfo brothers go after other media outfits, colleagues
The Tulfo brothers are engaged in word wars with other media practitioners and organizations over backlash following a Commission on Audit report

MANILA, Philippines – Despite their reputation for their explosive personalities on air, the Tulfo brothers are not happy whenever the tables are turned.

In the wake of the Commission on Audit report questioning the Department of Tourism’s payment to Ben Tulfo’s Bitag Media Unlimited, Incorporated, the brothers have lashed out at other media outfits that reported on the story.

In several posts online, as well as on his livestream of Ben Tulfo Unfiltered, Ben Tulfo slammed GMA’s Mike Enriquez for the latter’s take on the COA audit.


In a separate post, Ben Tulfo warned Enriquez that he’s getting a taste of his own medicine: “Ginawa mo ako at ang mga kapatid ko na ‘katatawanan.’ P’wes, may version din akong katatawanan laban sayo! Gusto ko pa rin maging ‘professional’ dahil pareho tayong high profile personalities sa media…but you fired the first shot! I’ve no choice but fire back!”
(You made a laughingstock out of me and my siblings. In that case, I’ll make jokes at your expense too! I still want to be professinal because we are both high profile personalities in media but you fired the first shot! I’ve no choice but to fire back!)
“You guys made fun of me at my expense…I’m not going to let you get away with this. Get ready! I’ll do my livestream. Very special edition. No holds-barred. Unfiltered! Mike Enriquez, let me give you a dose of your own f*cking medicine! It’s me BEN TULFO! ABANGAN in 2 hours!”
On Instagram, Tulfo taunted Enriquez with sardines, arguing that the issue was about People’s Television Network, Inc (PTV). He accused Enriquez, an endorser of Mega Sardines, of blowing up the issue. 

Ben Tulfo’s behavior was criticized by fellow PTV host Jules Guiang. In a Facebook post, Guiang expressed dismay over how their behavior has tainted the reputation of the network he works for:

“I’m posting this because ever since this issue popped out, the silent and dedicated contractual workers of PTV are greatly affected. We try every day to provide quality service that will please our taxpayers. Now it will be more than difficult because we are once again tainted.

I hope people involved may speak up and be accountable enough to clear the name of the network.”

The screencap below shows how messed up the industry is.

“So ang lagay sila pwede mag-alipusta at manira ng buhay, pero pag sila na ang sinisita, bawal? Diyos ba sila ng industriya? Kung tunay nga kayong alagad ng media at kung tunay na gusto niyo ng pagbabago, simulan natin kung paano tayo mag-isip, magsalita, at gumalaw.

(So how this goes is, they can bully and ruin lives but when they are being called out, it’s not allowed? Are they gods of the industry? If you are real vanguards of the media and you want real change, let’s start with how we think, speak, and act.)

Erwin Tulfo did not let this pass. During a live broadcast, he hinted at a snake in PTV. “Parang ang scientific name nuon ay Julesus Guyanus (The scientific name is Julesus Guyanus).

In a following tweet, Guiang said he has been told to refrain from posting on social media but he maintained that he has always been vocal about his stance on issues.

Erwin, the younger Tulfo brother, also railed against media organizations Rappler and the Philippine Daily Inquirer for reporting on the issue. In a video, Erwin Tulfo cussed out both media outfits, accusing them of setting out to ruin his reputation. (READ: Rappler responds to Erwin Tulfo: ‘Stick to the real issues’)

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