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Would you ever take an #aftersex selfie?

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Would you ever take an #aftersex selfie?

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The #aftersex selfie is the latest Instagram trend among couples. But does it go too far?

MANILA, Philippines – By now, most people are aware of how social media – and photo-sharing platforms, in particular – is a place where even the most private, most sensitive information is broadcast for the world to see. Oversharing is already part and parcel of going online. 

If some people already find the selfie, or self-shot photo portrait, as the extreme end of oversharing, they should brace themselves for more.

Trending on selfie-saturated Instagram in recent weeks is the hashtag #aftersex, and it’s pretty much what you’re thinking. Instead of posing in front of a bathroom mirror or famous landmark, couples pose in bed or around their bedroom, scantily clad and hair disheveled from post-coital bliss. 

But don’t worry. Almost all #aftersex selfies don’t expose people’s naughty bits. Nevertheless, it still is a risque leap from the usual photos of teens doing peace signs and duck faces.

Below are some examples of the #aftersex selfie.

Do you think these couples are exposing their private lives way, way too much, or is this degree of social media sharing bound to be the norm sooner or later?  


How about you? Would you and your sexual partner ever take an #aftersex selfie? Tell us what you think in the comments section below! –


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