It’s our turn: Filipinos taste test American junk food
Rappler responds to Buzzfeed's Filipino taste test videos

MANILA, Philippines – First, they tried Jollibee. Then, they tried our street food. And most recently, they tried our chichiria (junk food). And as expected, viral news giant Buzzfeed’s foray into Filipino fare caught the attention of many Pinoy netizens.

Who can blame them? Watching foreigners either glorify or grimace at the tastes and textures of your homeland is entertaining, like witnessing a bizarre scientific experiment. But in the same way Americans find our food strange or intimidating, we’re bound to struggle with some of their staple snacks, too. 

So, in the name of forging ties with our Stateside brethren, the Rappler team has decided to return the favor. In the video below, we try out a few distinctly American food items we managed to find in the supermarket’s imported goods aisle. 


Taste Testers: Raffy de Guzman, Marguerite de Leon, Nile Villa

Graphics: Raffy de Guzman

Production: Franz Lopez, Adrian Portugal

Post-Production: Jaene Zaplan 

Have you tried any of the snacks in the video? How did you like them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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