Facebook’s 10 best moments of 2014, according to our readers

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Facebook’s 10 best moments of 2014, according to our readers
Which Facebook posts made the most impact this year?

MANILA, Philippines – It’s been said countless times but it still rings true: the Philippines is the social media capital of the world. Whether on desktop or mobile, Filipinos are constantly clicking away on their favorite social networking platform, sharing and opining about a huge range of local and international topics, from a mundane meme about a cartoon princess and her potatoes, to inciendary footage of real men being beheaded in the desert. 

Amid the sea of information shared socially, however, some posts come to the surface more than others, be it because of inscrutable popularity or real-world impact. We asked our readers which of these posts belonged to this category, and we collected the top 10 results per popular social media platform. 

Facebook has evolved into a very utilitarian platform for a lot of Filipino users. Not only is it for updating friends about your current shenanigans, but it’s also a venue for planning events, organizing like-minded folks, getting your news, and even buying and selling all kinds of products. It’s a treasure trove, then, of very varied kinds of posts. 

Below are the top 10 best Facebook moments according to our readers. 

1) Marcelo Santos III

The online platform Wattpad has, for better or worse, opened up a brand-new avenue for aspiring writers, and no individual has benefited more from this than Marcelo Santos III, who not only has best-selling novels, but one of the most rabid (and contentious) Facebook followings of 2014. You’re bound to recognize his cartoon mug floating around your Timeline at one point or another. Some love him for his accessibility and gumption, while others despise him for being trite and lowbrow. Which side are you on?


2) Humans of New York

It’s easy to see the impact of Facebook page Humans of New York (HONY); just look at all its copycats! Humans of (Your City); Humans of (Your School); Humans of (Your Company); and on and on and on. This Facebook photoblog, featuring shots and simple, introspective interviews by Brandon Stanton of regular folk on the street, even has a couple of Filipino subjects, including the intriguing love story seen here below. 

3) Miriam Defensor Santiago

With her sharp tongue and even sharper wit, it’s no surprise that Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago has what it takes to be a social media superstar. Kudos to her public relations team, who really knows how to highlight the opinionated Senator’s one-liners, and the fact that she already is incredibly relatable to a younger audience. 

4) The Jeepney Nurses

Is chivalry dead? And does the question even matter anymore? These concerns, and tons more, surfaced after the Facebook page of car magazine Top Gear posted this photograph of a pair of risk-taking nurses. What do you think?

5) The Maid Elevator

Would sharing an elevator with household help bother you? This controversial question made the rounds on Facebook when someone posted a photo of a memo in a high-end condominium banning maids and drivers from using the main elevators. The response of the building administrator? “It’s hard to please everyone, but this is just how the world is.”

6) Alyzza Agustin and the PNP General

Have you ever tried to bribe or intimidate your way out of a driving violation? Would you ever brag about it on Facebook, though? Improbable as it may seem, Alyzza Agustin did just the thing, although the police director whom she name-dropped denies any involvement. 

7) Vice President Binay’s ‘Sa Totoo Lang’

It’s safe to say that Vice President Jejomar Binay has a lot of detractors on social media, so his comms team decided to fight his battles in their arena. The Facebook page ‘Sa Totoo Lang’ is an unabashed stream of support for the VP and a conscious move to dispel attacks and criticisms. What do you think of this effort?

8) PMA Alumni Cadet Photos

One of 2014’s earliest scandals was the dismissal of Jeff Cudia from the Philippine Military Academy for being two minutes late for class, which made many netizens question the nature of the PMA’s honor code. In support of the PMA, alumni flooded Facebook with throwback photos of their cadet days at the academy. 

9) New Gender Options

It’s a small change with a huge impact. Moving on from mere ‘male’ and ‘female’ gender options, Facebook introduced a whole plethora of choices to suit 2014’s more progressive environment. Now if only local government forms were just as flexible! 

10) Ello, Goodbye 

Remember when minimalist social media platform Ello was touted to be the Next Big Thing, killing off Facebook once and for all? Those days didn’t last very long, and everyone online has an opinion as to why. What’s your take on Ello’s one-hit wonder status? Did you scramble desperately for an invite, too?

What do you think of these choices? Did we miss anything? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! – Rappler.com 

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