The 10 best Tumblr moments of 2014 according to our readers

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The 10 best Tumblr moments of 2014 according to our readers
Which Tumblr posts made the most impact this year?

MANILA, Philippines – It’s been said countless times but it still rings true: the Philippines is the social media capital of the world. Whether on desktop or mobile, Filipinos are constantly clicking away on their favorite social networking platform, sharing and opining about a huge range of local and international topics, from a mundane meme about a cartoon princess and her potatoes, to inciendary footage of real men being beheaded in the desert. 

Amid the sea of information shared socially, however, some posts come to the surface more than others, be it because of inscrutable popularity or real-world impact. We asked our readers which of these posts belonged to this category, and we collected the top 10 results per popular social media platform. 

Tumblr, in particular, may be a niche platform, but it makes up for it by the utter passion with which its users interact on it. In a society that takes in popular culture more and more rabidly, Tumblr serves as the ultimate venue for fans of a TV series, actor, book, or even current event to share their excitement full-blast. Tumblr, then, is an important breeding ground for the memes that make their way onto other platforms.

Below are the top 10 best Tumblr moments according to our readers.

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1) McDonald’s “Happy” mascot

In May, McDonald’s unleashed this overly happy and almost trippy mascot that brought more fear than joy to netizens.

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2) Emma Watson and Harry Styles

The year wouldn’t end without giving the Internet an abundance of shipper-feels when that #hemma photo went viral.

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3) Pregnancy Announcement

A Japanese meme went global in October filling the web with newly-pregnant cartoon characters characters.

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4) Things Tim Howard Could Save

His team may not have won the match against Belguim at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in July but goalkeeper Tim Howard won the netizen’s approval.

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5) Sassy Aurora

In June, the blog dopeybeauty was created, and so was Sassy Aurora, who tells it like it is to her fellow Disney Princesses.

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6) “I came out tonight to have a good time and I feel so attacked right now.”

When the going got tough (particularly around June), Tumblr users had this phrase to turn to.

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7) Leo didn’t get an Oscar… again 

When the Oscar season rolled around in March, netizens were hoping this would finally be Leo’s year… and it wasn’t.

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8) Taylor Swift joins Tumblr

Swifties rejoiced when, in April, their one and only Tay-tay decided to get on Tumblr so she could stalk her fans for a change.

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9) The end of Naruto

After 15 great years, the Naruto manga finally concluded in November. There was anger, confusion, and tears.

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10) Benedict Cumberbatch’s engagement

In November, the Cumbercollective squealed all over the Internet when their baby announced his engagement to Sophie Hunter.

What do you think of these choices? Did we miss anything? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! – 

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