Netizens get witty with #MNL50ShadesOfGrey

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Netizens get witty with #MNL50ShadesOfGrey
Find out what happens when double entendres and witty punchlines collide in 140 characters or less

MANILA, Philippines –  What happens when double entendres meet witty punchlines in 140 characters or less? 

Following the humor seen in the now viral hashtags #SG50ShadesOfGrey and #HK50ShadesofGrey, Pinoy netizens did not disappoint with their own version of sensual tweets, which were inspired by 50 Shades of Grey but ultimately relate to life in Metro Manila.

The Twitter hashtag appears to have been started by @mrsunlawyer on Valentine’s Day, and spread quickly among netizens who produced these hilariously witty tweets.

Even actress Dawn Zulueta wasn’t able to resist the hilarious hashtag:

Check out more hilarious #MNL50ShadesofGrey tweets below:

The movie featuring billionaire Christian Grey and his relationship with Anastasia Steele pulled in $81.7 million over its opening weekend in the US. (READ: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: Sexy bits and audience reactions)

While the worldwide hit ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ may have not made it in China, a similar hashtag – #BJ50ShadesofGrey – is already brewing in Beijing.

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