#RP612fic: What if Philippine heroes were on social media?

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#RP612fic: What if Philippine heroes were on social media?
What if Philippine heroes lived in the 21st century? Netizens try to imagine using #RP612fic on Twitter.

MANILA, Philippines – What if history books came alive and Philippine heroes lived among us?

Netizens tried to imagine what that world would be like. Using the hashtag #RP612fic on Twitter, they put a twist to celebrating June 12, #PhilippineIndependenceDay.

#RP612fic stands for “Republic of the Philippines June 12 fiction.” Heroes had a rebirth in popular songs and social media statuses about what they would have done as typical millenials.

How awesome would it be to see Dr Jose Rizal dancing to the latest craze? Can Andres Bonifacio get any cooler if he exchanged ideas using online game language? What if Emilio Aguinaldo was on social media?

Brace yourself! Here are some of the funniest and catchiest #RP612fic tweets: 

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