#BisayangDako: Are you Cebuano and proud?

MANILA, Philippines – You can take the Cebuano out of Cebu but you can't take Cebu out of his heart.

On Wednesday, August 6, Cebuanos celebrated the 445th founding anniversary of their beloved province.

Using #BisayangDako (which literally means "big Visayan," a term often used to describe someone who is a native Visayan), Cebuanos from all over the world took to Twitter to share exactly what made them proud to be a Cebuano.

From food you can only get at a Bisaya vendor's little street-side table to terms you wouldn't find in any other Philippine language, the Twittersphere was filled with good old Cebuano cheers for the day.

We've gathered some of the best tweets:

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So, whether you are a true blue Cebuano or a member of the honorary Bisaya club, if you are in love with that cluster of islands at the center of the Phillipine map, here's to you!

Malipayong founding anniversary sa inyo, mga higala! – Rappler.com