Humor and agony: Best stories from #DiaryOfACommuter

MANILA, Philippines – Whether you're a student or a working professional, leaving the comforts of your home to face the streets and the heat is not fun. Commuters here in the country have to deal with a problematic mass transport system, and often, they have to be prepared for the worst.

Monday commutes can be harder, especially for people who still remember the relaxing weekend they just had. On Monday, May 16, it seems many commuters wanted to immediately de-stress, as they took to Twitter to share their stories.

Filipino social media users used the hashtag #DiaryOfACommuter, which soon made it to the country's top 10 trending topics.

#DiaryOfACommuter — Buhay Digital (@buhaydigitalPH) May 16, 2016


Here's a look at some of the best #DiaryOfACommuter tweets:

Best of #DiaryOfACommuter


Do these rants sound familiar?

Commuters are sure to meet a bunch of colorful characters every day – including the Slippery Sleepyhead, who uses a fellow commuter's shoulder as a pillow; or the Wide Reader, who looks over another person's shoulder as they read a book or type text messages.

Riding Metro Manila's train system also requires survival skills. Taking the MRT or the LRT might be a faster way of reaching your destination, but be cautious of your actions while inside the train.

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John Paul Laban, an AB Communication student from Ateneo de Naga University, is a Rappler intern.