Facebook testing ability to designate subject matter experts in groups

Victor Barreiro Jr.
Facebook testing ability to designate subject matter experts in groups
The feature, currently in testing, will let administrators designate people as experts in their given group

Facebook announced on Tuesday, July 13, a way by which Facebook Group administrators could emphasize subject matter experts in the groups they manage.

In a blog post outlining the new system, Facebook said administrators in select groups will be able to designate people as group experts.

The “group expert” designation can be accepted or rejected by the member, and administrators can remove the privilege from the user if they so choose.

Those deemed group experts “will receive a Group Expert badge, making it easier for others to spot informative or insightful posts and comments from people the group trusts.”

The badge system will also allow groups with this functionality to have their administrators collaborate with the experts to have group activities, such as question and answer sessions or live audio rooms in groups. This is in addition to sharing their perspectives on a topic being discussed or responding to questions in the group.

Facebook is beginning testing by “giving some people in fitness and gaming the option to identify specific topics they’re knowledgeable about, like yoga or a particular game title.”

“Group admins can then search for these specific topics, discover relevant people who are not yet members, and invite them to join as group experts.” – Rappler.com

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Victor Barreiro Jr.

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