‘Mayor, suspend na please’: Netizens’ hilarious reaction to class suspensions

MANILA, Philippines – It’s that time of the year again: The rainy season is bringing elusive class suspensions. 

For some, they’re necessary disruptions to ensure the safety of students during bad weather conditions. For many students, however, they’re bonus days off from schoolwork and assignments.

So when Typhoon Gorio (Nesat) passed by the country, causing the monsoon rain to become heavier than usual, the internet was abuzz with one question: ‘May pasok ba?’ (Is there class tomorrow?)

Some students took to social media to beg for suspensions of classes. 

Mom: kilos na di suspended bukas wala ng ulan Mommy ikaw si mayor? Hahaha — MAQUI (@MAQUIBAKA) July 27, 2017 Me waiting for classes to be suspended "Mayor Erap where you at?" pic.twitter.com/88rgYmmPe8 — J h o l o (@jholo_P2) July 26, 2017 St. Bede, pray for us St. Benedict, pray for us Pres. Erap, suspend mo na po — monty del rosario (@montydelrosario) July 26, 2017 143 - i love you 153 - i loved you 5726 - mayor suspend na please — francesca; s/h (@yeppeudamn) July 27, 2017 Non stop rain! Please suspend the klase na Mayor Abby Binay! pic.twitter.com/qeybwxAbvN — Julie Grino (@julesgri) July 26, 2017 

This guy took the opportunity to campaign:

Y'ALL THIS IS NOT A DRILL. VOTE FOR ME ASAP. SUSPEND KO NA KLASE HANGGANG SABADO. HURRY pic.twitter.com/IMW7bjlzqF — jazper z. (@aperzagu) July 26, 2017

Some local government units (LGUs) did not disappoint, leading to students rejoicing.

Wlang pasok bukas guys! God is real. God is omniscient. He takes infinite forms he is everywhere. — claireee (@ClaireNovel) July 27, 2017 Suspended na daw po pic.twitter.com/9yqIy5Yk9M — maxx (@justcoleeen) July 27, 2017 "If Duterte can declare Martial Law from Russia, Papa Herbs can suspend classes from Japan" — Nie² (@angelo_nie2) July 27, 2017


Meanwhile, these guys had very important decisions to make:

Suspended na. Daming time para gawin mga report. Kaso dami ding time para pumetiks. Hirap pumili. Haha. — Diego Nano (@onanogeid) July 27, 2017 Classmate: Hindi pa alam ni mama na suspended bukas. Ano gagawin ko... pic.twitter.com/2CeQ2AZe59 — leo (@DennisCabardo_) July 27, 2017

The announcement came a little too late for this unfortunate soul: 

"Classes are suspended tomorrow." Triggered classmate: pic.twitter.com/NzrbONr6pI — Kei (@kylaxangela) July 27, 2017

But some are not too happy about the suspensions:


Meanwhile, for those in schools and areas that weren't suspended: 

us: Suspended po ba klase? Joy Belmonte: pic.twitter.com/LTLcdGzh28 — irritant (@RestingPanda22) July 27, 2017 what if we take makati, and put it somewhere suspended?? pic.twitter.com/p2E3Y6GAk2 — brandon (@ShawnWarma) July 26, 2017 Erap: Suspended kinder to senior high only College Students: #WalangPasok pic.twitter.com/6VKRdQPlO0 — jc dee (@seemyjunjun28) July 26, 2017 "suspended ba yung Makati?" "what about Makati?" "any updates on Makati?" "Makati???!?!" mayora abby: pic.twitter.com/ldxDNJsnEW — ely♡ (@goodbyewinters) July 27, 2017 Yung nakita mong suspended na lahat except Makati: pic.twitter.com/FI0GksYpnA — Wax (@medyowacks) July 27, 2017 other cities: suspended makati: pic.twitter.com/fsHuPuPU8Q — (@rxndell) July 27, 2017 Manila: Class suspended in ALL LEVELS Markina: Class suspended in ALL LEVELS Me: ANO HERBERT?! WALANG BALAK MAGSUSPEND? pic.twitter.com/ffbRZNh5Vz — Michael Redge Rico (@redgeology123) July 26, 2017 "You're not born to fit in but to stand out from the others." Makati Mayor: *Takes the statement literally and doesn't suspend classes* — Ivan Nueva (@IvanNueva) July 27, 2017 only binay only binay~ sino hindi nag suspend? Only BINAY~ — Gabriel (@ryaaandp) July 27, 2017 When #WalangPasok didn't say the name of your city pic.twitter.com/zUgOuqLbWe — Aaron Marcus P. (@jingmarcus) July 27, 2017 When your mayor is playing the hard-to-get card for suspending classes #walangpasok pic.twitter.com/c5vjLH4L3v — 솦 (@yoonmnj) July 26, 2017 me trying to wake up d mayor so dey can suspend pic.twitter.com/eZC3wVOjBO — Noelle Gutierrez (@NOIEEE_) July 26, 2017 Joy Belmonte: May pasok all levels in Quezon City QC students: pic.twitter.com/9CHjkLAOha — Yvette Gatchalian (@vettyplayspiano) July 27, 2017

Even politicians have #WalangPasok goals:

Ano kaya ginagawa ng mga walang pasok ngayon?Netflix,Everwing, dota,study?hindi ko nararamdaman, lagi naman ako walang pasok #ExGovGoals — Jonvic Remulla (@jonvicremulla) July 27, 2017

Check out the list of suspended classes for July 28 here. – Rappler.com