#GenderProud: Is the Philippines LGBT-friendly?

MANILA, Philippines - Is the Philippines LGBT-friendly? What can we do to make it so? How has media coverage in this country contributed to or deterredthe cause?

We attempted to answer these questions in a Twitter conversation with Gender Proud founder Geena Rocero.

Advocates and members of the LGBT community talked about the differences between being LGBT-friendly and being merely tolerant. The general sentiment? While Filipinos laud members of the community for their achievements and enjoy the entertainment, the country still has a long way to go in terms of legal recognition. Geena Rocero tweeted, "LGBT is culturally celebrated but not politically recognized."

The conversation also discussed how media likes to pigenhole members of the community. Netizens voiced out their frustration when it comes to the portrayals reinforcing stereotypes (of being funny, boisterous, etc) instead of challenging them.

The conversation ended with different calls to action: To stand up for LGBT rights, to recognize LGBT rights as human rights, and to fight against stereotypes and prejudices that plague the movement and its members.

On Thursday, September 8, 2014, Geena Rocero is on RX931 at 10pm-11pm to talk about her journey and being #GenderProud.

Check out the conversation below:

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