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Tuloy ang kasal! ‘Kakampink’ couple receives overwhelming support despite Robredo’s election loss
Tuloy ang kasal! ‘Kakampink’ couple receives overwhelming support despite Robredo’s election loss
A couple who planned to wed under a Robredo presidency is bullied online. ‘Kakampinks’ run to their rescue.

MANILA, Philippines – Despite the grief “kakampinks” shared over the defeat of Vice President Leni Robredo in the presidential race, it appears the volunteerism inspired by her campaign remains with them.

On March 20, couple Ariean Cristobal and Emanuelle Cruz de Guzman attended Robredo’s campaign in Pasig, holding a placard with the words, “Ikakasal kami na si LENI ang PRESIDENTE.” (Leni will be president by the time we get married.)

Robredo lost to Ferdinand Marcos Jr., with the dictator’s son having amassed more than half the number of votes for the opposition leader.

The “kakampink” (a play on the words “ally” and “pink”) couple quickly became the target of Marcos supporters online, ridiculing and and telling them their wedding wouldn’t proceed because of Robredo’s election loss.

And that’s when “kakampinks” from the wedding industry mobilized, offering services and products for free or at deep discounts to make sure the couple gets a dream wedding.

Finding the couple

Fashion designer Gladi Echaverre, who co-created one of Pia Wurtzbach’s gowns for the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 coronation night, turned to Facebook to search for the couple. 

“I will make the bride’s wedding dress for free,” Echaverre pledged. “Let’s turn our loss and grief into something beautiful [for] our fellow kakampink.”

The bride was identified about an hour after posting, along with her partner shortly after.

The wedding must go on

In a post, De Guzman, the groom, clarified, “Imperative ‘yan, hindi conditional,” referring to the placards the couple held. (That’s imperative, not conditional.)  

“Getting married is a decision that we’ve made after a lot of talking, arguing, and everything in between.”

He ended his note with a declaration of love for his fiancé: “I love you in every universe, Ariean Cristobal.”

Soon-to-be bride Cristobal shared De Guzman’s post and responded in turn, “Mahal kita (I love you), Emanuelle Cruz De Guzman. We are in this together.”

Despite the numerous offers the couple had received for their wedding, Cristobal stated that the couple’s wedding preparations were almost complete even before they received pledges from “kakampinks.”

Labors of love

Echaverre’s post spurred others to volunteer their talents and resources for the couple’s wedding.

In her post, Cristobal “fangirled” to have been sought out by Echaverre, and to have received an offer from another fashion designer, Vania Romoff, who offered to dress the moms or flower girls of the bride.

Roldan Sevilla, a hairdresser and makeup artist, commented under Echaverre’s post, “Ako na bahala sa Hair & Makeup!” (Leave the hair and makeup to me!) Say Gozun-Santayana offered to do the same for the bride.

Ian Cruz volunteered to be the wedding’s videographer. He also offered his venue Bakuran Balai sa Antipolo for wedding preparations.

FlipMusic head producer Jumbo de Belen offered to make the scoring or background music to the couple’s audiovisual presentation or prenup video. FlipMusic produced several of Robredo’s campaign music, such as “Kay Leni Tayo” and “ROSAS.”

Others offered several services, ranging from wedding host, prenup shoots, drone shots, musicians, wedding or honeymoon venues, to even sending the couple monetary blessings or gifts for the kakampink couple’s wedding. 

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