'Naisahan na naman': Netizens stunned by #MarcosBurial

MANILA, Philippines – People didn't see it coming. 

While the Supreme Court had cleared all legal obstacles to former president Ferdinand Marcos' burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) on November 8, most Filipinos did not expect the actual burial to happen a scant 10 days later.

The funeral rites, requested by the Marcos family to be "simple and private", were not announced to the public prior, and thus caught many by surprise when confirmation of the burial started to trickle in. Soon, social media was rife with reactions to the day's unexpected event.

Many expressed anger and indignation:

Against the #MarcosBurial - Curated tweets by rapplerdotcom

The hashtag #MarcosNOTaHero was also the top Twitter trend in the Philippines: 



Others, in the meantime, posted that they were in favor of the burial:

For the #MarcosBurial - Curated tweets by rapplerdotcom

Yet others, meanwhile, resorted more to humor instead of outright commentary:

Japan: We can fix this sinkhole within a week. Nobody does things faster than us. Philippines: Hold my drink. #OccupLNMB #MarcosBurial — iidentifyasapenguin (@markowantoniow) November 18, 2016 HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MARCOS BURIAL — Alec  (@alecadriano) November 18, 2016 Ang pagmamahalan nating dalawa ay parang #MarcosBurial Ang daming hadlang, subalit wala ng makapipigil pa! — Orlando Ibarra (@OjieIbarra) November 18, 2016 How timely for the Marcos burial to coincide w/ Coldplay's pre-selling of tix. Diversion? #ColdplayBayaran! #Bias — mitzi navarro (@mitzi_42) November 18, 2016 Magaling ang events group ng Marcos burial. #MarcosNOTaHero — Karl Michael (@karlvirginboi) November 18, 2016 Habang pinoproblema ng karamihan kung paano bibili ng Coldplay tickets, merong nag ninja moves sa LNMB #MarcosBurial #fb — GP Casyao (@GPcasyao) November 18, 2016

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