Netizens can’t get enough of new mobile game 'Adorable Home'

MANILA, Philippines – It seems like netizens have found a home – an adorable one at that – in a new mobile game that's taking social media by storm. 

Adorable Home, a simulation game developed by Mexican gaming company HyperBeard, allows users to choose a partner to build a home with, have a furry companion along, decorate the space and purchase furniture, and, well, make a house a home.

The game piqued many curious Filipino netizens’ interest, so much that the hashtag #AdorableHomePH even trended on Wednesday, February 26, to which HyperBeard immediately responded.

Thank you, Philippines! We love you #AdorableHomePH — HyperBeard (@HyperBeard) February 25, 2020

Check out some of the adorable (and highly relatable) tweets from Adorable Home players!

Looks like life has been quite hard for this catto:

I'm just leaving this here... #AdorableHomePH — Trash (@______meg_) February 25, 2020

Hm, sis?

Live selling starts now. Just comment mine #AdorableHome #AdorableHomeGame #adorablehomeph — Iriz Papio (@irizpapio) February 24, 2020

May favorites talaga si mama.

"are you saying that i'm unfair?""no ma, i'm saying you have your favorites" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA #AdorableHomePH — ʜᴀɴ (@exolilpony) February 26, 2020

Adorable Home Live Action edition:

My kind of ADORABLE HOME  ang cute nyo omg #AdorableHomePh — Miyeon (@miyeonhye) February 25, 2020

Baby sometimes, love just ain’t enough.

Haha now I know why he left #AdorableHomePH — Monique (@rey_monanana) February 25, 2020

When you realize you’ll die alone even in a simulated universe:

When you were gone, everything was a blur and all i see is sadness. #AdorableHomePH —  (@giaan_wiee) February 25, 2020

Now this is what makes an adorable home:

Mood #AdorableHomePH — A n n e (@anne_mdlc) February 25, 2020

Even actress Gabbi Garcia has jumped on the trend!

uwi na @TheKhalilRamos — Gabbi Garcia  (@gabbi) February 23, 2020

Have you tried playing this adorable game yet? Let us know what you think! –