Reminder: New Facebook web design becomes mandatory in September

Here's a reminder for all those holding out on switching to Facebook's new website design because they favor the old one: Users will have no choice but to see the new design come September.

According to Facebok's support page regarding website design switching, "Starting in September, everyone will have the new design."

Previously an opt-in design feature, some users may have already lost the ability to switch back to the old design upon trying out the new one. This is likely intentional owing to the inevitability of the site design change. (READ: How to switch to the redesigned Facebook, and activate dark mode)

Those holding out may find some improvements to the site they may like, even if they aren't used to the look just yet. Aside from streamlined navigation and a cleaner look, perhaps the biggest implemented change is the addition of dark mode viewing on desktop.

It may not be the biggest change, but for those who love spending time online, a bit of reduced glare might do some good. –

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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