12 PlayStation games that rocked our childhood

MANILA, Philippines – Yes, you’ve been a gamer for quite a long time now.

Twenty-one years ago, the first PlayStation, which is now one of the biggest gaming consoles in the world, was released in Japan on December 3, 1994.

The popular console, including its smaller and redesigned version known as the PSone, had shipped a total of 102.49 million units by December 2003, eventually becoming the first video game console to sell 120 million units.

Rappler Gaming League asked ours readers what their favorite PlayStation games were. Here are some of their answers:

Resident Evil/Biohazard

The one that started the "end".

Resident Evil, originally released as Biohazard, has been widely credited with starting the modern survival horror video game genre. It takes players on the adventures of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine as they investigate Raccoon City and fight zombies and other monsters to survive.

Monster Rancher

If you think breeding farm animals is cliché, try breeding monsters!

Monster Rancher is a life simulation role-playing video game that allowed players to take on the role of a monster breeder and raise monsters to fight in tournaments. Followers of the game were crazy about the game’s summoning feature that allows the player to generate monsters from any CD. Which monsters did you get?

NBA Live

Gamers may not always be the most nimble in the hardcourt but that definitely won’t be the case in NBA Live. 

The game that was released in 1994 was the first of the NBA Live video games series, which is now one of the biggest video game franchises about sports.


Move over Twilight. This is how vampire action should be.

This 2D action side scroller by Konami features the half vampire, half human protagonist Alucard as he explores and unravels the secrets inside Dracula’s castle – and kicks lots of monster butts along the way.

Crash Bandicoot & Crash Team Racing

Players of this classic platform game embark on different adventures to save Crash Bandicoot's girlfriend Tawna and stop Brio and Cortex from dominating the world.

But if running, jumping, and spinning through 30 levels of action is still not fun enough for you, try Crash Team Racing and embark on a silly race with bombs, missiles and other fun weapons with your friends!

Twisted Metal

But then again, if you find Crash Team Racing too cute for you, you may just want to wreak havoc with Twisted Metal.

Missiles, machine guns and clowns – what better screams hardcore demolition than Twisted Metal? Sony’s longest-running Playstation-exclusive franchise, Twisted Metal is a series of vehicular combat video games where all you have to do is destroy all your enemies in a demolition derby. Definitely best played with friends!

Gran Turismo

This game is really simple: race, get money and buy more cars. Players can choose from 140 car models and customize them. No guns or missiles on this one, just good old-fashioned racing action.

Dance Revolution

Who says video games are for the lazy? Try this and bust a move!

Originally an arcade game by Konami, Dance Revolution also had a playstation edition and was a big hit among gamers. Using a dance mat that you can buy separately, players follow the beat of a song and move their feet according to a set of pattern. 

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

So, you just inherited your grandfather’s not-so-well-maintained farm, what would you do? Harvest Moon lets players get a good try on the farm life in the comfort of your couch. Plant some crops, take out some weeds and eventually find a girl to marry!

Legend of Dragoon

In this role-playing game, you go through the story of a swordsman named Dart who seeks revenge from the "Black Monster" that destroyed his village and killed his family. It's set in the fictional continent of Endiness that is plagued by war and a dark history.


Down, triangle, square, square, square, triangle, square, triangle, square, square, triangle, square, triangle, square!

Tekken fans would memorize every piece of combo for their favorite characters better than their homework. This pulse-racing fighting game is one of the earliest 3D game of its genre and allows players to move the fighter’s 4 limbs independently, giving the player a lot of possible combos to choose from.

Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series is arguably one of the most successful gaming franchises in the world, with millions of copies sold worldwide. And of course, some of its most popular titles were first played in the PlayStation – Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9.

Final Fantasy 7 lets you play in the world of Cloud and Aerith as they fight against a megacorporation called Shinra, and eventually an even stronger nemesis, Sephiroth. Admit it, Aerith made you cry in the end!

Final fantasy 8, on the other hand, is about the adventures of Squall Leonhart and the SeeD to stop the sorceress Edea, and eventually, stop Ultimecia from compressing time. Final Fantasy 8 was the series’ first attempt to use realistically proportioned characters.

Final fantasy 9 narrates the story of Zidane Tribal and Tantalus as they fight the evil queen Brahne of Alexandria. Vivi, the black mage who fights alongside the protagonist, was a major tearjerker in the game. 

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