#RPNonFiction: Twitter users recall Martial Law in 140 characters or less

MANILA, Philippines – #RP69FanFic, the hashtag that spawned tens of thousands of raunchy tweets featuring Philippine elections personalities, has had its day in the sun.

Now, the man behind the original hashtag, film critic Philbert Dy, has started up a new hashtag the morning of May 12, Thursday, and it is a far more somber one. 

I have no authority to do this, but I am declaring the end of #RP69fanfic. It did its job, and nothing is ever funny for that long. — Phil Dy (@philbertdy) May 11, 2016 Thanks for playing, you dirty motherfuckers. Now let's get down to business. — Phil Dy (@philbertdy) May 11, 2016 The Marcoses have fed us their fictions for decades. It's time the fiction came to an end. #NeverAgain #RPNonFiction — Phil Dy (@philbertdy) May 12, 2016 Nick Davies' account of the struggles of the PCGG to recover the Marcos Millions: https://t.co/bEcJf5QswB #NeverAgain #RPNonFiction — Phil Dy (@philbertdy) May 12, 2016

#RPNonFiction allows Filipinos on social media to share personal stories, article links, photos, and other media about the Martial Law period in the Philippines from 1972 to 1981, under late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos's son, Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Jr, is currently second in the 2016 vice presidential race, a hair away from Representative Leni Robredo. 

Here are samples of tweets using #RPNonFiction:


The hashtag was not without its critics, however:

Tweets critical of #RPNon

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