#SuperficialGazette: Filipino netizens 'rewrite history'

MANILA, Philippines – Amid the outrage over the Official Gazette's caption on a photo marking the 99th birth anniversary of Ferdinand Marcos, Filipinos have taken to Twitter to offer their own examples of historical revisionism.

Netizens launched the #SuperficialGazette hashtag for tweets about certain events and issues in Philippine history, and how they would be narrated if viewed through a distorted lens.

Most of the posts revolved around the atrocities during Martial Law.



Others also tweeted about People Power II, the Spanish colonization, and former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Check out the rest of the tweets below.

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Raisa Serafica

Raisa Serafica is the Unit Head of Civic Engagement of Rappler. As the head of MovePH, Raisa leads the on ground engagements of Rappler aimed at building a strong community of action in the Philippines. Through her current and previous roles at Rappler, she has worked with different government agencies, collaborated with non-governmental organizations, and trained individuals mostly on using digital technologies for social good.