#TrumpProtest top trending Twitter hashtag worldwide

MANILA, Philippines – US President-elect Donald Trump's claim to the throne was a shock to many around the world, and supporters of his rival, Hillary Clinton, wasted no time taking to the streets and to social media to show their indignation. 

Soon, the hashtag #TrumpProtest – referring to several on-ground protests across the US after Trump's victory, most notably outside the Trump Towers in New York City – trended on Twitter worldwide.

Many used the hashtag in a positive way, hoping to lend inspiration to fellow disappointed voters and show what was happening at the rallies.

This little girl has more knowledge and compassion that half of this country. #TrumpProtest pic.twitter.com/ZgBXRwACQ4 — ✝ (@DaisyyBabee23) November 10, 2016 just got back from the #TrumpProtest in NYC at trump tower - packed, peaceful, & inspiring. pic.twitter.com/Z0HKPf43JX — Tyler Oakley (@tyleroakley) November 10, 2016 Protesting is democracy too. It shows those who feel marginalized that they are not alone. That's important. #TrumpProtest — Lana Huyen (@lanahuyen) November 10, 2016 I proudly marched in the #TrumpProtest to show the world that this despicable man does not speak for half of us. History is watching. — Jeff Heimbrock (@jheimbrock) November 10, 2016 Thousands of people line the streets of American cities to protest. Our voices will be heard. #TrumpProtest #NotMyPresident pic.twitter.com/kuyZduwN1u — Jordan (@jordansdiamonds) November 10, 2016


Others, however, used the hashtag in mockery, implying that the protesters were being spoiled brats or sore losers.

#TrumpProtest When Barack won we weren't pleased, we went on with our lives. These riots portray the weakness & deviance that is leftism. — andieiam (@andieiamwhoiam) November 10, 2016 Intolerant Bigots take to the streets and demand a trophy #TrumpProtest pic.twitter.com/otnTXoo6cG — Villi Wilson (@Conservative_VW) November 10, 2016 I once read in the constitution that if you protest for a week straight you can overturn the results of an election #TrumpProtest — We did it. (@PizzaPartyBen) November 10, 2016 Me drinking the #LiberalTears of the crybabies at the #TrumpProtest pic.twitter.com/Dc5JioI0ad — Mark Dice (@MarkDice) November 10, 2016 Prolly only 2% of people actually understand this #TrumpProtest pic.twitter.com/2wM95irrni — IGZ (@igzrap) November 10, 2016


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