Uber PH draws flak for 'insensitive' tweet

MANILA, Philippines – Ride-hailing app Uber Philippines drew flak on Sunday evening, February 26, after tweeting about a promo for Monday, February 27, the day transport operators will be holding a nationwide strike.

In the tweet posted past 9 pm, which has since been deleted, Uber said: "Are you affected by the activities tomorrow? Don't worry, new Uber users can get 2 free trips worth PHP500 each. Valid only on Feb 27."

Some social media users then slammed Uber, saying it was "insensitive" for trying to capitalize on the plight of jeepney operators and drivers.

The jeepney operators and drivers are protesting the phaseout of old units in their fleet, among other issues.

Disappointed bc @Uber_PH tried to take advantage of the jeepney strike tomorrow :( — Mika (@mkaterpillar) February 26, 2017 In what world did @Uber_PH think this was going to play out well? "KEEPMOVINGMNL" is the most insensitive code made ever. pic.twitter.com/0ykJjV0kUn — Ash (@ashpolicarpio) February 26, 2017 I hope aside from sweeping your opportunist tweet under the rug, you remove the promo. Be one w/ the plight of other PUV operators. @Uber_PH — Jessy (@hijadepusa) February 26, 2017 @Uber_PH sobrang profit oriented niyo po ano?? Laking saya niyo yata nung nalaman niyong may strike eh. Bilis ng tweet sa mga promo. — A.N.Z.R. (@anzrocafort) February 26, 2017 @Uber_PH 's offer of 500 off for the first 2 rides of new users tomorrow is opportunistic and a slap in the face of rallyists tomorrow. — Jason del Rosario (@fauxillustrado) February 26, 2017 @Uber_PH ay marketing strategy pala, kahit na. mahiya naman kayo sa mga jeepney drivers. — Anna (@vasquezanna_) February 26, 2017 @Uber_PH SHAME! You seem to justify your nature of being opportunists. The "activities" you're referring to is the plight of the People — Isaac (@icepnzln) February 26, 2017 Here kids is an example of profit over everything else. Uber pa more. Shame on you for undermining the transport strike, @Uber_PH — Alexa Fontanilla (@alexafontanilla) February 26, 2017 @Uber_PH Delete this. Huwag kayong bastos sa mga drivers na nagwewelga para hindi sila mawalanng trabaho. — Cardboard Spice (@instantnooDALEs) February 26, 2017 @Uber_PH stop trying to take advantage of this national issue for profit — Shane Nicole Remate (@shaneremate) February 26, 2017


Uber then apologized, saying it did not mean to "undermine upcoming events in any way."

It also said it has "always been committed to providing safe, convenient, and reliable transportation for Filipinos" and wants to "provide this option to as many people as possible ... especially when other options become unavailable."

We are sorry for the confusion that a recent tweet created. It was not our intention to undermine upcoming events in any way. pic.twitter.com/i7mf9D7fcs — Uber Philippines (@Uber_PH) February 26, 2017

– Rappler.com