VIRAL: Netizens asking their crushes if they like Messi

MANILA, Philippines – A Korean drama is the culprit for a new internet craze that is prompting people to message their crushes. 

Korean drama, or K-drama, has had a huge influence in pop culture and it is no question that quite a number of Filipinos are very much into it. If you're friends with one of its fans on social media, you've mostly likely seen the question "Do you like Messi?" pop up on your feed more than once recently.

It was in the television show Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, when lead female character Bok-joo asked her crush – a handsome doctor named Jae-yi – the question after her friend Nan-hee told her that guys are attracted to girls who are into sports. 

Though initially dumbfounded and uncertain as to why Bok-joo asked the question, Jae-yi, being the sweet guy that he was, eventually discussed the soccer player with her.

This is where the legendary question 'Do you like Messi?' originates — ellyg/a in bio (@myeonsichenx) January 15, 2017


Lionel Messi is a 29-year-old football star from Argentina, playing forward for the Spanish club FC Barcelona. He is the only football player in history to win five FIFA Ballons d'Or.

Inspired by Bok-joo's courage to talk to her crush, several Internet users started messaging their crushes with the phrase and it quickly went viral in the Philippines on Monday, January 16. 

Messi is legit trending in the PH HAHAHA All bc of the "Do you like Messi?" fever from WFKBJ — 패이  [s/h] (@_yeolie) January 15, 2017

"Do you like messi?" Expectation:"I like you too" Reality:"Anong Messi?" — Monay (@asdfghtaehyung) January 15, 2017 do you like with my feelings? — han (@HANN4HCONDA) January 15, 2017 This one got turned off after finding out that his/her crush does not know Messi. Not so smooth, this one. Like-zoned: Wrong send: Aww, he/she was almost there: In the end, it can still work out:

So... do you like Messi? –