VIRAL: Japanese PM Abe pops out as Super Mario at Rio Olympics closing


The crowd – and the Internet – exploded.


#Japanese PM Shinzo Abe appears from imaginary tunnel, disguised as #SuperMario during #Rio2016 #closingceremony Sun — People's Daily,China (@PDChina) August 22, 2016 THE JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER SHINZO ABE JUST SHOWED UP AT THE OLYMPICS DRESSED AS MARIO, POPPING UP THROUGH A PIPE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. — Mark:Di-Stefano (@MarkDiStef) August 22, 2016 . @Tokyo2020 here we come! #RioToTokyo — Olympic Channel (@olympicchannel) August 22, 2016 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at #Rio2016 closing ceremony is all our Super Mario dreams. — Mashable (@mashable) August 22, 2016 See you in #Tokyo! Mario/Abe is waiting ! #Japon #japan #Tokyo2020 — Geoffrey Hugel (@Suteki_Fr) August 22, 2016 So Prime Minister Shinzo just popped out of a green pipe dressed as Mario. We're calling it - best Olympics handover EVER — Mashable (@mashable) August 22, 2016 The Prime Minister of Japan just appeared on stage in Rio while cosplaying as Mario. 2020 is going to be a good Olympics. — Nick Breckon (@nickbreckon) August 22, 2016 Shinzo Abe > Super Mario. Because everyone should travel in warp pipes. #rio2016 — AP Sports (@AP_Sports) August 22, 2016 Ima let you finish but Shinzo Abe had the best entrance of all time — Olympic Bun (@Rxbun) August 22, 2016 Mario, Pac-Man and Hello Kitty? #tokyo2020 will be the Olympics of geek dreams. Swoon. #ClosingCeremony #rio2016 — Mary Pilon (@marypilon) August 22, 2016 ...And then with the help of Doraemon, Mario went through a warp pipe to #Rio2016 — Morgan Lamia (@Morg_Lamia) August 22, 2016 Best entrance ever through Mario warp pipe! #closingceremony — Tanya Liliana (@TaCaGo) August 22, 2016 I never knew that "Shinzo Abe appearing from a Mario pipe" was the answer to every question I've every asked BUT IT IS EVERYTHING. — Kristen S Anderson (@KSoltisAnderson) August 22, 2016


The moment became one of the top Worldwide Trends on Twitter, alongside the hashtags for the official Olympic closing ceremonies.

Also present at the closing ceremony was Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, who received the Olympic flag from International Olympic Committee chief Thomas Bach and Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes.

They entered the stadium in a more conventional way – by walking. 

The appearance of a Super Mario-ized Abe and a slew of other Japanese icons in the Tokyo 2020 sizzle reel showed the wide-ranging influence of Japanese culture in the global pop scene.

If it's any indication, Tokyo 2020 could have one of the geekiest opening ceremonies we'll witness. –