WATCH: Tifa makes 1st appearance in newest ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ trailer

MANILA, Philippines – A major Final Fantasy VII character finally makes her Remake debut in the game’s newest trailer, published Tuesday, June 11.

Tifa Lockhart is one of the playable characters for the classic RPG, one of the closest allies of main protagonist Cloud Strife, and one-third of the game’s infamous Cloud-Tifa-Aerith love triangle. When fighting, she prefers hand-to-hand combat, using a variety of combos to take down enemies. Tifa is considered a fan-favorite among many fans also because of her good looks and supportive, optimistic personality. 

Her fighting ways are on full display in the trailer above, which also includes tender scenes of her and Cloud talking in a bar, and is seen performing one of her special “limit break” moves from the original game known as “somersault.”

Main villain Sephiroth also makes his debut in the same trailer:

SEPHIROTH. Screenshot from Square Enix


Screenshot from Square Enix

Tifa is the 4th playable character to be shown in the Remake, following Cloud, Aerith, and Barret. –