Twitter's 140-character limit exempts photos, videos starting Sept 19

MANILA, Philippines – If you've been looking forward to the day when you can write more onto a single tweet, a new report says that change for Twitter is about a week away.

The Verge reported Monday, September 12 (September 13, Manila time) that Twitter will be adjusting what types of media and content count towards a tweet's 140-character limit.

According to two sources familiar with the company's business, Twitter will stop counting photos, videos, and user polls toward the limit. Usernames added at the beginning of a reply will also not be counted, adding a few extra characters you may need for to finish a message.

The Verge added, "It's unclear whether all of these changes will occur simultaneously; certain content types may gradually stop counting against the character limit in stages."

Twitter previously announced plans to ease the 140-character limit in May. –

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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