Sandy throws campaign schedules into chaos
Superstorm Sandy scales back the Presidential campaigns of US President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney. Carmela Fonbuena reports from Ohio.

OHIO, United States of America – US President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney scale back their presidential campaigns as Hurricane Sandy carves a path of destruction across the US eastern seaboard Monday.
Carmela Fonbuena reports from Ohio.

It is exactly a week before the U.S. presidential polls but Hurricane-turned-Superstorm Sandy throws the campaign schedules into a chaos.
President Barrack Obama cancels a number of campaigns stops including one here in all-important state Ohio.

Vice-President Joe Biden was also supposed to come but he cancels last-minute.

We have been monitoring the news. New York is heavily hit. The subway is flooded. For the first time in a century, the stocks exchange is closed for the second day. 15 deaths have been reported across the US.

Governor Mitt Romney also cancels a number of campaign stops but he is proceeding – as scheduled – to Kettering, Ohio to attend a quote “storm relief event.”

Called the Buckeye state, Ohio is one of the most important states – if not the most important state – that will decide if President Barack Obama stays in the White House or if it’s time for Government Mitt Romney to take over.

History shows that no Republican candidate has won the presidency without Ohio. No one and latest statistics show Obama and Romney are statistically tied here.

How Sandy is going to affect the results of the elections remains to be seen. But strongs winds, rainshowers could discourage early voters. It’s a bloc known to favor President Obama.

Carmela Fonbuena. Rappler, Ohio. –

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