TechRap: Top 10 Tech Stories of 2012

In this special year-end edition of TechRap for 2012 we look back at the year in technology and countdown our top ten tech stories of the year.

MANILA, Philippines: It’s the last episode of TechRap for 2012. We look back at the year in technology and countdown our top tech stories of the year. 

10 – Regulating the Internet: SOPA and the Cybercrime Law 

9 – Social media in the US elections

8 – Nintendo Wii U launch

7 – The evolution of the digital camera

6 – Mid-sized tablets are “IN”

5 – Microsoft reinvents itself with Windows 8

4 – Patent War: Apple vs Samsung

3 – Android Domination. Samsung unseats Nokia.

2 – The year of Instagram

1 – Record breaking YouTube




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