WATCH: Filipino tweens and teens talk human rights
WATCH: Filipino tweens and teens talk human rights
Human rights is easy to understand. Let these kids explain it for you!

MANILA, Philippines – When the term ‘human rights’ is brought up, most assume that it’s a heavy topic. It’s seen as two words packed with meaning, touching on serious themes such as equality and social justice.

The term has also been maligned in recent years by many of President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters, as well as Duterte himself, especially when the topic of the government’s bloody campaign against drugs is mentioned. It’s no surprise that many people rarely touch on it in normal conversation. 

But the concept of human rights is actually pretty easy to understand. It’s so easy, in fact, that Rappler gathered a few Filipino tweens and teens of differing backgrounds to explain it for you – just in time for International Human Rights Day on December 10. 

After watching, do the short activity seen in the video for yourself! Choose among the different sub-categories of human rights and reflect on why your choice is particularly important for you. – 

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