Vitug Vlogs: Supreme Court – a spoiler, for now
Rapplers editor at large Marites Vitug asks, will the Supreme Court be a force for change in the RH law?

MANILA, Philippines – Will the Supreme Court be a force for change? The jury is still out, but we may not have long to wait– as it faces a milestone decision on the reproductive health law.
Looking at its composition, Rappler’s editor at large Marites Vitug has this to say.

Below is the script:

Here we go again.
The Supreme Court temporarily stopped the executive department from doing its job: to carry out the reproductive health law.
In the past, it did the same to other co-equal bodies.
Remember that the Court prevented Congress from holding hearings…
on the impeachment of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez.
Later, many of the justices changed their minds.
They were on tenuous ground.
After all, Congress has the sole power to impeach officials.
Public opinion was also against the Court.
When the justices vote on the RH law, they will find themselves in a similar situation.
What strong legal arguments could be on the side of those who oppose the RH law which, in fact, has already been diluted?
A number of the justices who voted to halt the law are basically conservative while the rest want to hear both sides first.
Expect a close vote. In the end, the RH law may yet prevail.
This is Marites Vitug for VitugVlogs.


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