Bluebird of Happiness: An original Filipino musical
Trumpets big musical comeback brings families and friends together for The Bluebird of Happiness.

MANILA, Philippines – Trumpets big musical comeback brings families and friends together for The Bluebird of Happiness.

G Töngi reports. 

It’s a family affair! I’m here at the Meralco Theater with my children to watch Bluebird of Happiness an all-original, Filipino musical brought to us by Trumpets.

Based on the play by Maurice Maeterlinck, with book and lyrics by Jaime Del Mundo and Music by Rony Fortich, Bluebird of Happiness combines entertainment with enriching values.

Del Mundo hopes original musicals like Bluebird grow in popularity.

It is very important for Filipino audiences to come to the theater whether it be Bluebird of Happiness or any other show that’s showing. It just happens that Bluebird of Happiness caters to a specific audience that we had in mind – the family entertainment, the people who come for family entertainment, families, and kids and so that’s its role, isn’t it? Not only to share something that Trumpets feels very strongly about but to introduce a new generation to come to the theater and help support Filipino theater as a whole.

Mio Infante creates the eye catching magical backdrop for the musical. He shares how he created one of the costumes for the tree characters.

(TÖNGI: So tell us, how did you make this piece of headgear?)
It’s actually piano wire inside and a lot of it, so we make piano wires as the main base so it’s not too heavy cause the actors would complain about, you know, how heavy the things are and then I remember this was made out of sack cloth but it became too heavy when the actors tried it on so we had to do different ways of doing fabric and stuff like that and then putting retaso, i even call this thing “Retaso the Musical” because it’s all from different costumes as well.
(TÖNGI: All recycled costumes to make a new costume.)
Yes, correct.
(So that’s what we call upcycle!)

Infante uses innovative ways to create characters that come to life onstage much to the delight of children and their family and friends.
Don’t miss the theatrical extravaganza that touches the heart and delights the senses.
Catch The Bluebird of Happiness before they close this weekend!
G Töngi, Rappler, Manila. –

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