Doing business: PH up in global survey
A global report shows the PH is the most improved country in terms of doing business. But what does this mean for entrepreneurs and average Filipinos?

MANILA, Philippines – A global report shows that the Philippines is the most improved country in terms of doing business. 

But what does this mean for entrepreneurs and average Filipinos?
Cherrie Regalado reports.

A global study that measures red tape encountered by small, and medium sized businesses says it’s more fun to do business in the Philippines.

In a World Bank report on Ease of Doing Business” which includes 189 countries, the Philippines jumps 30 places making it the biggest jump made by any country. The report measures the number of days and processes needed in operating a business such as paying taxes, obtaining construction permits and registering properties.

Experts say the improved ranking means doing business in the Philippines indeed has become much easier. But is it really easier to run a business nowadays?

Entrepreneur Robert Gutierrez who recently opened a restaurant says it took him two months to obtain most of the permits needed. He says the time frame is acceptable.

ROBERT GUTIERREZ, BUSINESSMAN: Siguro mas maganda sa BIR doon na rin sa munisipyo para pagpunta one-stop, lahat andun na. (It would have been ideal if the Bureau of Interna Revenue was in the same area so that it’s a one-stop process.)

But Gutierrez still wants simpler, streamlined processes in dealing with government agencies in the course of running his business.

ROBERT GUTIERREZ, BUSINESSMAN: Kasi mas marami magagawa mas makakabalik ka sa negosyo mo to attend to your business. ([With a streamlined process] we have more time to attend to the business.)

National Competitiveness Council Chairman Guillermo Luz echoes Gutierrez and says that the goal is to reduce bureaucracy to help businessmen grow their businesses.

GUILLERMO LUZ, NATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS COUNCIL CHAIRMAN: What were trying to create is a better and friendlier environment for doing business. And that involves cutting all the steps and saving time, and that saves money for entrepreneurs and investors.

The World Bank says an easier environment for operating businesses creates more jobs as more businesses are set up.

MOTOO KONISHI, COUNTRY DIRECTOR FOR THE PHILIPPINES, WORLD BANK: Today over 95% of the labor force in the Philippines are from the small medium enterprises. And what you’re doing now is that jobs are created more and more in the future.

And hopefully the wealth that comes with a 7.6 growth rate will finally come trickling down.
Cherrie Regalado, Rappler, Manila –

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